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Double mill DUOMILL PURE
młynek podwójny duomill pure
młynek podwójny duomill puremłynek podwójny duomill puremłynek podwójny duomill pure
Product Description
Brand: AdHoc
Article number: AH-MP900
EAN code: 4037571322435
The DUOMILL PURE two-sided mill, designed by Gabriele Kaltenbach, grinds pepper on one side and salt on the other. The CeraCut® grinders used in the device are not only efficient, resistant to corrosion and wear, but also do not absorb odors. The mill has a full scale grinding adjustment mechanism from fine to coarse size. Transparent lids on both sides will not only collect the crumbs, but also reduce the weathering of the spices.

To fill the mill, grab the metal ring next to the acrylic container with one hand and the container with the other, gently unscrew the container and then pour the seasoning. Never squeeze spices to add more. Leave space at the top of the container so that you can close it freely. Pay attention to the quality of the spices, especially if they are not contaminated. The screws at the ends are used for adjustment, if you want to grind finely, turn the clamping screw clockwise, and if you want larger pieces, turn it counterclockwise. Before adjusting, make sure the grinder is clean and that there are no stuck pieces of spices.

Note: Never grind when the spice container is empty, it may damage the grinder!

Not dishwasher safe. Clean with a soft dry cloth. Never immerse the mill in water and never use detergents. The grinders can be cleaned gently with a brush.

Material: stainless steel, acrylic, CeraCut® ceramic grinder.

Approximate dimensions of the mill:
height 21.9cm
diameter 4.5cm.

Approximate gross dimensions:
height 22cm
length 4.7cm
width 4.7cm.

Approximate gross weight: 0.359kg.

Packaging: cardboard box.

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